Engaged Families, Responsible Ownership, Sustainable Businesses


Family-owned businesses face special challenges. Who will lead the family and the firm into the next generation? How to disentangle personal and business relationships? How to build different strategies to bring stability to complex family business system? What are the responsibilities of ownership?  How do we grow and sustain the business as a family business?  How can the business be used as a backdrop to raise a strong and responsible family?  


The course is designed to help you address the universal issues as they apply to your own business and family. It combines rigorous learning – based on the latest research – with practical workshops. The one-week program combines cutting-edge theory and practice integrated with the deep academic knowledge of LUT faculty and insights from expert practitioners. It focuses on the business skills and frameworks that will help family business founders and next generation members grow their business to scale and maximize their impact. The discussion of case studies, provides a platform to analyze the unique complexity of family business and challenges family leader’s face.

Value drivers – How you benefit?

Benefits to family business

• Learn from best practices in governance, strategy, and leadership from other family firms

• Develop the leadership and entrepreneurial competency of the next generation increasing likelihood of smooth succession and sustainable family business. Understanding to lead the reinforcing forces in the family, business, and leadership systems

Benefits to individual

• One-to-one approach to deal with personal leadership challenges

Personalized tools and individual coaching blended with in class discussion to strengthen participant leadership skills in a focused family business
• Networking & sharing best practices with course participants and visits to different companies
Guest leaders and interaction beyond the classroom offer the unique opportunity to share new topics and trajectories concerning leadership in global settings.  Develop deep networks with entrepreneurs and in countries that offer different, complementary, and valuable resources

• Develop new entrepreneurial ideas by being exposed to diverse ideas and people
Each participant represents a window, and a facilitating node to a different country, making unique institutional barriers tractable.  Group projects and social events provide opportunities to develop deep connections with people skilled in negotiating the institutional context of their own countries.

• Develop your leadership and management skills and Deepen and widen your tool kit
For international participants – an 8-day immersion in Finnish economy, culture, and technological landscape

Course Contents

• Responsible Ownership Create long term sustainable performance by understanding the dynamics of key players and owners within the business, the use of governance and management systems, and the strategic positioning of your firm in its business environment. Capture the unique advantages of being family owned

• Growth Business Identify and plan ahead for succession challenges. Capture the unique advantages of being family owned

• Family Dynamics Understand how to manage and cope with the unique complexity of the family business

•Networking Build a network with other family firms and their owners including visits to Finnish family firms


Delivered by internationally recognized leaders in family business scholarship and consulting. You will hear from guest speakers, owners of prominent family firms who can talk to the specific issues you are facing.
• Professor Sanjay Goel
• Professor Timo Pihkala
• Dr Marita Rautiainen

Learning Model

The course is a one-week full time program, including some social activities at the end of class time. It is delivered in a Classroom format, including some group work with instructor support.  
The course enrolment is restricted to no more than 25 attendees in order to maximize teacher to student interaction. Attendees are invited to bring their own laptop, though shared computers in private workspaces designed for group work are available. All study materials will be delivered in advance in electronic format and a hard copy of the most relevant readings and case studies will be delivered in class. During the program, students will receive a complete set of spreadsheets for all examples and case studies discussed in class.
Brochure:Program brochure.pdf (451KB)
Target group:The course is designed for large to medium size multigenerational family businesses and is best suited to the family member owner plus one more within the business (e.g. founders, next generation members, CEO, and board members).
Date:12th - 19th August, 2017
Extent:One week
Location:Helsinki and Lahti, Finland
Fee:6495 €* (Inc. VAT 24 %) *(includes lectures, social program, minimum 4-star accommodation, meals, venue and transportation in Finland)  
Deadline for application:15th May, 2017
Instruction and assignments:18 hours lectures and 16 hours of social program
Additional information:Program
Contact persons:
Rautiainen MaritaDr.+358 40 741 2559