Business Ethics and Society in Modern Russia

If you want to succeed in Russia, you have to understand how business is done in Russia. The best way to get that understanding, is to go to the Russia and learn it from the best Russian experts.  

Business Ethics and Society in Modern Russia -module is executed in cooperation with State University of St. Petersburg Graduate School of Management.  

This module will take place in St. Petersburg. Module has four part Business Ethics and Society, Russian economy and  Opportunities, Threats to Enter into Russian Industries and markets and Cross-cultural focus.  

Welcome to the Russia!

Part 1: Business Ethics and Society
- Business ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR)
- Russian vs. Western business ethics: cultural and historical influences
- Russian business ethics development
- Russia’s network capitalism  
- Corporate social responsibility (CSR) of Russian business: the development stages
- YUKOS case  
- Company visit (company will be specified later)

Part 2: Russian economy: challenges we face
- Contemporary state of Russian economy
- Analysis of a global economy
- How economic crisis influence on development of Russian economy
- Changing of a development strategy  is a reaction to economic situation change
- Consequences of economic change
- Company visit (company will be specified later)

Part 3: Opportunities and Threats to Enter into Russian Industries and markets  
- Commercial modes (exportation of goods, services, knowledge)
- Contractual modes (franchising and contract manufacturing)
- Investment modes (acquisition vs. green-field project)
- Entry plan implementation (operations, marketing, HR policy)

Part 4: Cross-cultural focus  
-сross-cultural management and intercultural communication, expatriate adjustment  
-organizational communication, and national versus corporate culture.  
-Increase awareness of Russian business culture and management styles  
-Comparison of cultural profiles & business practices  
-Analyze implications of cultural “gaps” between businesses associates  
Intensive training days:
One working week in St. Petersburg, taining from Monday to Friday, including travelling days. Schedule will be informed later.  
Target group:Top and middle management of medium and large size enterprises
Date:Schedule will be informed later, please ask if you're interested.
Extent:3 credits
Location:St. Petersburg
Fee:Price will be informed later.
Deadline for application:Schedule will be informed later.
Instruction and assignments:Lectures, group works, company visits and written report
Additional information:Complete your expertice with the other LUT Interplay_ -modules. This module is also suitable for LUT eMBA- studies.  

Contact persons:
Ikäheimonen TuuliTraining Manager+358 40 765 5699