Corporate Development - Regional Projects

The development projects led and coordinated by the Centre for Training and Development aim at developing know-how and introducing new technologies in companies all over Finland. Cooperation with regional development programmes supports development in companies. Regional development projects are specifically targeted to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Development projects create a foundation for long-term cooperation between the university and companies. Each year, the Centre for Training and Development participates in approximately 15 field- or company-specific development projects.

Development Projects in Companies

Corporate development projects aim at developing a companyís know-how and operations e.g. with the help of training and by introducing new technologies suitable for the company.

Development projects are planned according to the customerís needs and expectations. Planning is carried out in close cooperation with company representatives, the company development services of the Centre for Training and Development of Lappeenranta University of Technology, as well as professionals of different fields.

Strong National Know-how in Metal Technology

The field of metal technology at the Centre for Training and Development plays an active role in national, regional and corporate development projects, cultivating and transferring new knowledge to companies. The centreís operation in the field of metal technology is closely related to the field of future innovative metal products in Southeast Finland Centre of Expertise.

Development projects are carried out in the following strong areas of expertise:
- Design of metal structures
- Mechatronics and virtual design
- Machine automation
- Welding technologies
- Beam welding technologies (laser and EB welding)
- Sheet metal technologies
- Cutting technologies

We work in close cooperation with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Lappeenranta University of Technology, the Industrial Systems Research Unit of the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) and the Welding Society of Finland.

Our customers are leading Finnish and international large-scale, small and medium-sized enterprises, research institutes and universities. Our international operation is focused on the EU area.

Know-how in Business and Industrial Management Supports Companies

Development projects in the fields of business and industrial management are mainly focused on long-term systematic development of entrepreneurship in small and medium-sized enterprises. Corporate development projects are tailored especially to the companies in question.

Development projects can be related e.g. to business plans, team work, executive groups, self-evaluation, or developing quality management systems or marketing. Please contact us for more information on other development areas. Projects are coordinated by experts from Lappeenranta University of Technology.