Course Tray

The extent of scientific postgraduate studies in the field of technology is 60 ECTS cr which is divided as follows:
Studies in the field of research (major subject) 35 – 40 ECTS cr
Studies supporting the field of research 20 – 25 ECTS cr

The course tray is divided into two parts:
1) Generic themes that are suitable for most of the students
2) Specific studies for different main subjects

See course tray.

The courses that are included in the post-graduate studies should always be negotiated with supervising professor.  

Generic studies  
include courses in orientation period: research methodologies, scientific writing, research ethics etc. but also later courses about general themes that are essential to competitiveness of the forest cluster.

Process Simulation

Decision support in process selection for wastewater treatment
Innovation management
Article writing workshop

Scientific Writing in English
Survey Research
Modelling and Design of Experiments
Creativity in Design and Process Operation

Specific courses
The course tray includes studies relating to scientific research, courses on business science and technology and periods of study on subjects specifically related to their specialisations. The postgraduate courses offered by co-operating universities and other graduate schools are presented in the specific courses part of the course tray. Students can find and select the suitable ones from these courses depending on their own subject.

FCDP students are allowed to enroll to the courses offered by co-operating graduate schools: