Kick Start to Scientific Research Work

The students are familiarized with scientific research and different phases of post graduate studies during the orientation period. See figure.

The orientation period provides students with support on starting their post-graduate studies as well as with information on research methodology and scientific writing.  Students may attend the orientation period before applying for postgraduate studies and to the doctoral program.

During this period, students prepare and complete a research plan for their dissertations. Help in designing and phrasing of the research plan will be offered by supervising professor, research group and a possible mentor from company.

At the end of the orientation period, students have formulated their subjects into detailed research plans. Research plan includes the scientific objective of the work, stages for reaching the goals and methodological planning. In addition, students have gained some understanding about scientific way of working, research ethics and scientific publishing.

Each student will negotiate individually with her/his supervisor about including seminars and courses in the study plan.

Orientation seminars:

Orientation seminar 2011

3. 2009, April 23.-24.  Scientific Articles   
(Helsinki university of technology)
2. 2009, February 5.-7.  Methodology in Science
(Lappeenranta university of technology)
       Driving instructions (Student Union House = Ylioppilastalo)
       Hotels in Lappeenranta

1. 2008, November 20.-21.   Starting a Doctoral Dissertation Study  
(Lappeenranta university of technology)